User Feedback (firestorm11)

pinknick82    (feedback on: 03/31/2011)
Pretty good, friendly service.
steel4u2    (feedback on: 03/20/2011)
GR8T SELLER!!! Would love to see more frequent auction offerings
pirate50    (feedback on: 10/25/2010)
A pleasure to deal with!
vxtrunner    (feedback on: 09/13/2010)
fast shipping please keep the auction coming
Rom13    (feedback on: 09/08/2010)
shipping was timely and packaged well. Nice quality item.
sneek7482    (feedback on: 11/30/1999)
Jus Great. . . . So amazed . . . .
BobBob    (feedback on: 11/30/1999)
Pmt made over 1 month ago, never rcvd items, seller not responding to emails.
thewing    (feedback on: 10/26/2007)
great to deal with
wagw939    (feedback on: 12/29/2006)
Great seller. Thanks
wagw939    (feedback on: 12/07/2006)
fast, prompt, attention post auction. thanks!