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Andrew Blake belongs to the few remaining visionaries in the porn genre. Nestled between his contemporaries Michael Ninn and Gregory Dark, Blake's erotic visions often include fetish, bondage and lesbo imagery and sometimes exclude heterosexual intercourse entirely.

Blake seldom works off a screenplay. He spends most of the time on his movies with technical issues like editing, cinematography, set design and music. Rarely do his actors and actresses get to utter even a word of dialogue; Blake is only interested in his thespians' looks and moves. His movies often play like feature-lenght music videos - MTV for an adult audience, so to speak.

Blake has often cited photographer Helmut Newton as his main influence. In the sixties and seventies, Newton had gained notoriety as a fashion photographer with a penchant for high-gloss bondage imagery. Like Newton, Blake uses only the most beautiful women on this planet for his kinky visuals.

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Andrew Blake currently directs three movies a year for his production company 'Studio A Entertainment'.
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